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LOGCAP V Expected Soon

Fuel delivery in Iraq, a service included under LOGCAP. (Photo credit: US Army)

Fuel delivery in Iraq, a service included under LOGCAP. (Photo credit: US Army)

Update: ACC-RI held an industry day on October 24th with approximately 76 companies attending. In the industry day slides, ACC-RI explained in graphics how the IDIQ awards would be prioritized and awarded for each theater/unified combatant command (i.e. PACOM, CENTCOM, etc.).  The first priority group will be made for EUCOM and PACOM. The offeror that wins the IDIQ for EUCOM will be ineligible to receive an award for PACOM. Group 2 includes CENTCOM, NORTHCOM, AFRICOM, and SOUTHCOM. The winner of the CENTCOM IDIQ will be ineligible to compete for NORTHCOM, and this will cascade until the final IDIQ is awarded to a smaller eligible pool of offerors. Group 3 is solely awarded for Afghanistan, and is limited to offerors who did not win the CENTCOM award, or did not win other Group 1 or Group 2 IDIQs. 

Update: ACC-RI has missed the original goal of a final RFP by October. Facing an “indeterminate delay,” it is unclear if this will impact the stated goal of awards by August 2018. 

Update: ACC-RI released the final solicitation on November 20th, with proposals due on January 22, 2018. The tentative award date (and period of performance start), is mid-September of 2018.  

Update: With a new amendment added to the LOGCAP RFP, final proposals are now due on February 12, 2018. 

Update: Another added amendment has extended the due date to February 26, 2018. 

Update as of April 10, 2018: On April 3rd, Army Contracting Command released an announcement with contract extensions awarded to the LOGCAP IV incumbents. KBR, Fluor, and DynCorp were each awarded extensions for up to two years, but the maximum price for the IDIQ extensions has been redacted. The extensions were awarded while ACC-RI completes the LOGCAP V procurement. 

With LOGCAP IV ending in April 2018, the US Army is expected to field a successor Logistics Civil Augmentation Program vehicle by the end of this month and has announced that an Industry Day about the opportunity for Combat Support & Combat Service Support (CS/CSS) will be held on October 24th in Davenport, Iowa. EZGovOpps is here to provide a look at the 30-year history of LOGCAP and its growth, as well as the details on the new LOGCAP V, worth $82 billion.

LOGCAP was established after a mandate from the Defense Authorization Act for 1985 (as we’ve covered before, Defense Authorization Acts continue to have major contracting impact). With a mandate to maintain mobilization logistics capabilities and tasked as the Executive Agent, the US Army published Army Regulation 700–137 concerning the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program in December 1985. The first LOGCAP-related contract was not awarded until 1989 to Perrini, Inc. by US Army Central, for services known as “Southwest Asia (SWA) Petroleum Distribution and Operations Pipeline.” This contract expired only a year later.

After separate contingency “theater contracts” from 1990 to 1991, LOGCAP I was awarded to Brown and Root Services (now known as KBR, Inc.) in 1992, with a ceiling of $815 million. LOGCAP I was managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and was used for more SWA pipeline support, as well as logistics support for operations in Somalia and the Balkans.

LOGCAP II was awarded in 1997, with a lower ceiling of $42 million, and management moving to US Army Materiel Command (AMC). Awarded to DynCorp, LOGCAP II lasted until 2001 and supported operations in East Timor, the Philippines, and Colombia. With military operations ramping up, LOGCAP III rapidly expanded after its award in 2001.

Awarded to KBR, with a maximum value of $38.5 billion, LOGCAP III illustrated a huge expansion over LOGCAP II in terms of size and funding. This was mainly due to the use of the vehicle for support to US military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, the vehicle was also used for logistics support in locations such as Djibouti and the Republic of Georgia. In KBR’s own summary of the expansive contract:

Under LOGCAP, KBR constructed facilities and managed the infrastructure for Army base camps- everything from beds and food service to laundry, sanitation and utilities… KBR has prepared over 700 million meals for the troops; washed more than 41 million bundles of laundry; transported more than 1 billion gallons of fuel; delivered over 381 million pounds of mail; serviced more than 126 million patrons at morale, welfare and recreation facilities; rebuilt over 50 different types of Army equipment; produced more than 14 billion gallons of potable water and logged more than 177 million miles in transport.

This proved to be a lucrative effort for subcontractors as well. At a hearing on LOGCAP III subcontracting, KBR acknowledged that by 2010, the company had already managed 1,700 subcontractors through over 11,000 subcontract awards. While KBR provided support under LOGCAP III, Army Contracting Command-Rhode Island (ACC-RI) was already putting together the multiple-award LOGCAP IV vehicle.

Unlike the previous vehicles, LOGCAP IV was awarded in 2008 to more than 1 contractor: KBR, Fluor, and DynCorp. With a total potential value of $150 billion over a 10-year period of performance, LOGCAP IV has been used to continue supporting logistics operations as an Indefinite Quantity/Indefinite Delivery (IDIQ) vehicle in the Afghan and Iraqi theaters, while expanding even further geographically to countries including Lithuania and Uganda. However, with the vehicle expiring next year, ACC-RI has been looking ahead to the effort to build a successor.

ACC-RI has released draft RFP’s for LOGCAP V which include similar scope and performance expectations: “LOGCAP provides contracted capabilities to plan for and, when directed, rapidly provide the sustainment capabilities necessary to set theaters and enable Army and Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational operations…” The Performance Work Statement emphasizes speed: requiring “agile sustainment for an agile force” in the form of a 72-hour response time to emerging events and needs.

Contractors providing these services can expect a 5-year base period of performance with one 5-year extension, allowing for a maximum $82 billion over 10 years. While the industry day later in the month includes 40 minute one-on-one sessions between contractors and the the contracting officers, this is only intended for the larger prime contract bidders. However, ACC-RI is allowing prime contractors to bring expected teaming partners and subcontractors to the dialogue. If ACC-RI can release the final solicitation this month, they expect to evaluate proposals by January 2018, with multiple awards announced in August of next year. EZGovOpps will continue to monitor this huge contracting and subcontracting opportunity through the final awards announcement.

Interested in learning more about LOGCAP, or tracking other procurement initiatives? Seeking a teaming partner or subcontracting opportunities? Sign up for a free trial with EZGovOpps. As the premiere market intelligence platform, EZGovOpps can provide the information needed to follow procurement trends, produce personalized opportunity forecasts, and provide custom analyst-updates for a complete understanding of the Federal contracting market today.

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