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CBP/USACE Continues Sourcing for Border Wall

clock 15 Jun, 2017 comment 0 Comments

On June 7, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), through the Fort Worth District, held a border wall remote-industry day for firms interested in qualifying as sources for “Horizontal Construction Contracts For Southwestern Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements.” After firms are properly qualified and placed on the Prequalified Sources List, they will then receive separate acquisition announcements from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for stand-alone contracts worth up to a total of $1.8 billion for, as the DHS...



DHS Still Planning TACCOM II

clock 12 Jun, 2017 comment 1 Comments

This week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a notice through the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Procurement Directorate for a potential $3 billion opportunity known as Tactical Communications II (TACCOM II), the successor to TACCOM I which ends this year. Before a draft RFP is released this month, EZGovOpps is here to provide some preliminary intel and the background history of the program, scope, and procurement details. TACCOM I TACCOM I was first released through a Request for...



VA Announces New Push for Modernized EHR System

clock 05 Jun, 2017 comment 1 Comments

Today, June 5th, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin announced a plan to move forward with the procurement of a modernized Electronic Health Records (EHR) system outside of normal “full & open competition” procurement methods, with the intent of obtaining the new Department of Defense (DOD) “MHS GENESIS” EHR platform, as a means to expedite the procurement process and ensure compatibility with DOD health records. Of course, this effort to avoid any complications in a normal procurement...



Are Federal Agencies Meeting Their Small Business Goals?

clock 02 Jun, 2017 comment 1 Comments

The Federal government has continued efforts to provide contracting dollars for certified small businesses. With new rules and set-asides in place, and the final procurement numbers from FY16 published by the SBA, EZGovOpps can report on some of the successes and failures of Federal agencies in meeting their small business goals. Overall, the SBA graded Federal government small business efforts in FY16 with an “A,” with some real success evident in certain areas of procurement.  Small disadvantaged businesses, for example,...



Federal Contracting Revenue: How to Report and Research

clock 01 Jun, 2017 comment 1 Comments

For companies just getting started in Federal contracting, a first important step is registering in the System for Award Management (, as every company looking to do business with the US Government is required to have an entry in the database. Once you are registered, you have the opportunity to expand the picture of your company for interested customers. For companies seeking more information on competitors or possible contracting partners, this presents a good source of information, but certain challenges...



A Glimpse of IT Modernization Plans for FY18

clock 25 May, 2017 comment 13 Comments

Analyzing indicators such as the Top NAICS codes in Federal procurement and the growth of GSA’s IT Schedule 70, EZGovOpps has long predicted that IT Modernization will continue to grow as a major procurement sector in the Federal marketplace. Now, with the second iteration of the Modernizing Government Technology Act passing in the House of Representatives last week, and President Trump releasing a more detailed plan for the FY18 budget (after his earlier-released “Budget Blueprint” which we analyzed here and...



How to Track and Forecast Subcontracting Awards

clock 24 May, 2017 comment 0 Comments

According to, only less than 23% of registered Women-Owned Small Businesses have been awarded prime contracts. This is a great example of how important winning subcontracting awards is for small businesses involved in Federal procurement. EZGovOpps is here to provide some methods for researching subcontracting data, some shortcomings of publicly reported data, and the benefits of using a market intelligence platform for hunting down future subcontracting opportunities for your company. While prime contractors are required by the Federal government...



Trending the Top NAICS Codes in Federal Procurement for 2017

clock 18 May, 2017 comment 1 Comments

An important aspect to working in the Federal contracting space, beyond hunting down specific opportunities, is understanding the broader trends that are shaping the Federal marketplace. Using Federal reporting data, EZGovOpps has compiled a list of the North American Industry Classifcation System (NAICS) codes which received the highest obligated award dollars in fiscal years 2015, 2016, and what has been awarded (so far) in 2017. With this list, we can build a picture not only of where the Federal government...



Building a Business Development Pipeline

clock 11 May, 2017 comment 17 Comments

As a part of our guide to small business contracting, we emphasized that you should not rely on the “throw things at the wall and see what sticks” kind of business development strategy, especially after going through all of the steps necessary to get your business ready for Federal contracting. With that in mind, EZGovOpps analysts have put together a guide on how to develop and a implement a business development pipeline for use in the Federal contracting market. The...



Federal Procurement and the new FY17 Budget

clock 04 May, 2017 comment 24 Comments

With the House of Representatives approving a new Omnibus Appropriations bill this week which could fund the Federal government until the end of Fiscal Year 2017, and a Senate vote due soon, EZGovOpps has put together some analysis on the procurement impact of the spending plan as well as budget comparisons. The budgets we will compare, in particular, are the spending plans President Trump unveiled for FY18 (covered by EZGovOpps here and here), and the similar proposal from the President...


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