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DOD planning another big Cloud opp: DEOS

clock 23 Apr, 2018 comment 5 Comments

UPDATE: On April 24th, DISA announced the date and location for its first industry engagement regarding the new DEOS opportunity. On May 16th, from 8:15am to 9:15am, DISA officials will provide an overview of DEOS requirements at the AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium in Baltimore, MD. More information can be found here. While Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) was releasing draft legislation to eliminate the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) by 2021, DISA released a Draft RFP for a new, massive $8 billion...



Coast Guard EHR to be incorporated into DOD initiative

clock 16 Apr, 2018 comment 0 Comments

After EZGovOpps covered the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) decision to move to a Cerner-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, the Defense Health Agency (DHA) announced its intention to issue a contract modification to DOD’s huge $4.3 billion MHS GENESIS EHR contract, in order to incorporate US Coast Guard EHR efforts into their own. In the announcement on April 6th, the DHA contracting office provided a timeline of developments since MHS GENESIS was awarded in 2015, seemingly to provide background on what led to...



DOD ends March with big spike in Foreign Military Sales

clock 10 Apr, 2018 comment 1 Comments

On the last business day in March this year, DOD ended the month with a huge spike in announcements of major foreign military sales (FMS). In total, the 13 contract awards and modifications totaled over $2.2 billion, for work from 8 contractors. The highest value contract awarded that day went to Boeing for “long-lead non-recurring engineering required to develop a baseline configuration for the production and delivery of 22 F/A-18E and 6 F/A-18F Super Hornets,” along with long-lead radar warning receivers...



FBI’s ITSSS ramps up, with quick schedule planned

clock 02 Apr, 2018 comment 7 Comments

LATEST UPDATE: At the April 30th Industry Day for the ITSSS re-compete, the FBI gave more information on the original procurement and expectations for the new opportunity, including the potential for a brand-new program name. Read more about the Industry Day presentation below. The Draft Statement of Work is expected in mid-June. UPDATE: The FBI released its RFI for ITSSS on April 11th. The RFI stated that the agency expects a format very similar to the current ITSSS iteration, with a...



First phase completed in GSA e-commerce initiative

clock 26 Mar, 2018 comment 2 Comments

While covering DLA’s continued work on their e-commerce portal, ECAT, we also discussed the online procurement portals created and hosted by GSA, like AutoChoice  and eBuy. Now, after a new legislative mandate, GSA has started a new initiative to utilize commercial e-commerce portals for federal procurement. Just last week, GSA announced the completion of “Phase I” of the new initiative: the implementation plan. As we discussed in 2017, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has been used as a vehicle...



DOD shrinks almost-$1 billion OTA deal

clock 14 Mar, 2018 comment 2 Comments

A few months after we published our introduction to DOD’s new Other Transaction Authority (OTA), DOD announced a huge $950 million OTA award to REAN for streamlined cloud solutions, after the company’s success transitioning TRANSCOM systems to the cloud. The next month, after a GAO protest and public scrutiny, DOD announced to the press on March 5th that they would be scaling back the deal both in payment and scope: limiting the ceiling to $65 million, and narrowing performance to...



With years until recompete, CIO-SP3 on-ramps SB’s

clock 07 Mar, 2018 comment 8 Comments

UPDATE: On March 31st, NITAAC released the final list of SDVOSB awardees. The final list holds 2 less contractors than the pre-award announcement, with a final total of 38 awardees. LATEST UPDATE: The CIO-SP3 SDVOSB awards have already been hit with their first protest. Pro-Sphere Tek, Inc. filed a protest on April 5th, with a GAO decision scheduled for July 6th, according to the GAO docket.   After covering GWAC’s and the increase in competition, CIO-SP3 SB has come up as a...



Understanding the Types of Federal Contracts

clock 01 Mar, 2018 comment 3 Comments

After our primer on the “Contract Action Types” used by the Federal government, EZGovOpps is now describing another contract attribute searchable as an advanced option in the EZGovOpps software: the actual type of contract used. Take a look below at descriptions of fourteen of the Federal contract types, based on their definitions in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR): Firm Fixed Price A firm fixed price contract, as the name implies, applies a cost to contractor performance at the outset of the...



CDC GRASP program seeking GIS services

clock 23 Feb, 2018 comment 11 Comments

The creation of a Special Item Number (SIN) for geographic information systems (GIS) services on IT Schedule 70 was a big sign that the Federal customer base for GIS is quickly widening beyond traditional customers like NGA. While new agencies like DIUx utilize new contracting methods such as the Other Transaction Authority to procure new GIS capabilities, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now planning a traditional IDIQ for GIS services, named after the office it will serve: the...



Industry Day Update: JEDI

clock 16 Feb, 2018 comment 8 Comments

LATEST UPDATE: JEDI is facing more scrutiny from congress, and possible funding limitations. UPDATE 4/17/2018: DOD released the second draft of the JEDI RFP along with answers to 1,030 industry questions. Importantly, DOD is sticking with a single award for the 10-year program. However, in answers to the industry, DOD made an important distinction: “Offerors may propose any kind of teaming/partnering arrangement so long as the proposed solution meets the requirements of the solictiation.” This could seemingly include not only...


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