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Diverse requirements in the GSA FY18 Forecast

Part of our FY18 Forecast series.

The General Services Administration (GSA) has the mission to “deliver the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to government and the American people.” The broad mandate for such a diverse customer base is clear in the agency’s procurement forecast released for Fiscal Year 18. Take a look below at some highlights of the large and small business opportunities expected this year.

Full and Open Competition

Two of the largest Full and Open competition opportunities in FY18 will be re-competes. As the mandatory supplier of non-tactical vehicles to all Executive branch agencies, GSA makes yearly purchases of light vehicles from a number of commercial suppliers, and this year will be no different. Each fiscal year, GSA solicits “light vehicles” from commercial partners for use in the next fiscal year, meaning that this year GSA is seeking to purchase up to $1.5 billion in light vehicles for use in 2019. Once contracts are awarded, the vehicles (including sedans, light trucks, and SUVs) can be purchased government-wide through the GSA AutoChoice online portal. Awards for 2018 light vehicle Firm Fixed Price (with Economic Price Adjustment) contracts were made in September 2017 to suppliers including American Truck & Bus, Inc., Contemporary Motor Cars, Inc., and Ford Motor Company. The solicitation for the “2019 Light Vehicles” contract is expected in the last quarter of FY18. 

GSA Headquarters (Courtesy of Cliff via Flickr)

GSA Headquarters (Courtesy of Cliff via Flickr)

Another large re-compete on the way will be for services to GSA’s Office of Chief Information Officer. GSA is in the process of updating mission-critical systems for the Federal Acquisition Service. The contracting program for these services is known as CIO Application Maintenance, Enhancements, and Operations (CAMEO), and it first began in 2014. CAMEO contracts are split into a large and a small business award, and both were awarded as task orders through GSA’s ALLIANT GWAC. With ALLIANT 2 awarded (pending contractor protests), it appears GSA would like to continue CAMEO under the new GWAC. The procurement for the CAMEO large business portion, with a potential $600 million, is expected to start in the 4th quarter.

Small Business Opportunities

Along with the large business CAMEO award, GSA is planning a small business award worth up to $150 million for the same services. This opportunity will have a primary NAICS code of 541512 -Computer Systems Design Services- and is expected to be competed simultaneously with the large business portion. Alliant Solutions Partner is the CAMEO incumbent under ALLIANT SB, with the $110 million task order ending in 2019.

The largest small business opportunity currently forecast is a massive $2.4 billion BPA call for “Buckley AFB Fence to Fence” remediation services in Colorado, with a primary NAICS code of 562910. This will be procured from competitive 8(a) contract holders, and is expected to be competed in the 3rd quarter of FY18.

Finally, the GSA FY18 forecast indicates that the agency is still planning an opportunity known as “SMARTECS – Special Mission Acquisition, Research, Test and Evaluation, and Collection Support.” This will be a 100% small business set aside for professional services to the Air Force, with a primary NAICS code of 541712, for Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology). While it doesn’t appear that GSA has decided on what type of procurement vehicle to use, the solicitation is expected in the 2nd quarter of FY18.

This only represents a small portion of the GSA FY18 forecast. For a full look at future GSA opportunities, GSA Schedules, and GWACs, and other specialized GSA programs like SETAS: sign up for a free trial with EZGovOpps. 

Seeking a teaming partner or subcontracting opportunities? As the premiere market intelligence platform, EZGovOpps can provide the information needed to finds teaming partners, follow procurement trends, produce personalized forecasts, and provide custom analyst-updates for a complete understanding of the Federal contracting market today.

Don’t forget to view our full GovCon News section for more intel. For our full FY18 Forecast series, click here

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