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STARS III Initial Awardees Selected by GSA


The General Services Administration (GSA) has selected the initial 426 awardees for the fourth-generation 8(a) Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resource for Services, aka STARS III GWAC. The STARS III solicitation’s purpose is acquiring IT services and solutions from 8(a) small businesses. This includes emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotic process automation. It entered the Sources Sought stage almost a year ago on August 9, 2020. Thereafter, the contract has expanded beyond the initial draft to a $50-billion ceiling and up to 15 years in length. GSA BIC MAC

The awardees had their work cut out for them. There are significant eligibility factors for STARS III that requires awardees have $1 million in past performance for each functional area as defined in the current release. In addition, the firms are not allowed to use a past performance contract in more than one functional area and the project must have been performed in the last two years or be ongoing with at least one year completed. Potential protests notwithstanding, the GSA intends to issue formal notices to the initial group of awardees within the next 30 days, giving them access to the contract.

The GSA will be making additional awards beyond these first 426. Further talks with remaining bidders in who were not yet selected will be happening in the summer months, so amended proposals and evaluations will be forthcoming. Further awards are expected later this calendar year per the GSA.

The STARS GWACs leverage a long-standing collaboration with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to assist in the development of 8(a) businesses and offer federal agencies a means to deliver important IT services by working with small, disadvantaged businesses. STARS III will drive progress on key public policy objectives including the President’s Executive Order 13985 On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.

To learn more about STARS III and to keep up to date on new developments, please sign into your EZGovOpps account and visit this page or get started with a 5-day Trial.

Over $18 billion has been awarded through the GSA’s 8(a) GWACs so far. You will see the current top awardees for STARS II below:

Top 10 awardees STARS II


8(a) STARS III Initial Award Cohort List

  • @Orchard LLC Chicago IL
  • 1 Sync Pyramid, LLC Montgomery AL
  • 1st Choice Tandem, LLC Leesburg VA
  • 3 Squared Technology Group, LLC Pike Road AL
  • 360 Innovative Solutions LLC Chevy Chase MD
  • 3KPC, Inc. Herndon VA
  • 3T Federal-Sits JV Limited Liability Company Austin TX
  • 4ES-G2S JV, LLC San Antonio TX
  • 6E-CGS JV Windsor CO
  • 8-koi, Inc. Merritt Island FL
  • A P Ventures LLC Columbia MD
  • A W S Consulting Inc Clifton VA
  • A1FedImpact, LLC Reston VA
  • A3 Consulting LLC Silver Spring MD
  • A3 Tech Solutions, LLC Manassas VA
  • A3L Federal Works, LLC Fairmont WV
  • AAGCS LLC Washington DC
  • Abaco Strategy, LLC Leesburg VA
  • ACC3 International Incorporated San Diego CA
  • Accord Ventures, LLC Leesburg VA
  • ACES Group, LLC Virginia Beach VA
  • Activion, Inc. Baltimore MD
  • ADTECH LLC Chantilly VA
  • Advanced Communication Cabling Inc Falls of Rough KY
  • Advanced Project Consulting, LLC Warner Robins GA
  • Advanced Technology Leaders, Inc. Martinez GA
  • Aerobodies Fitness Company, Inc. Alexandria VA
  • Agil3 Technology Solutions, LLC Falls Church VA
  • AgilityCQS LLC Reston VA
  • Agovx LLC Bethesda MD
  • AIIE LLC Stafford VA
  • Akytech Consulting LLC Vienna VA
  • Aleknagik Technology, LLC Anchorage AK
  • Alphident Technologies Inc Baltimore MD
  • Alutiiq Information Management, LLC. Anchorage AK
  • AMAX2, LLC Phoenix AZ
  • Amick Brown, LLC. San Ramon CA
  • Analytica LLC Washington DC
  • Analyticx LLC Washington DC
  • Anika Systems Incorporated Leesburg VA
  • Organization Name City State
  • Antium LLC Alexandria VA
  • Anvil JV Consulting LLC Herndon VA
  • Apex Infinite Solutions LLC Indianapolis IN
  • APF Technology LLC Springfield VA
  • Applied Intellect, LLC Cranberry Township PA
  • Appteon, Inc Vienna VA
  • Arch Systems LLC Baltimore MD
  • Areeva Solutions, LLC Chantilly VA
  • Argos Business Innovations LLC Tucson AZ
  • Arlo Solutions, L.L.C. Washington DC
  • Arrow Alliance Industries LLC Norman OK
  • Async-Syber Systems, LLC Fredericksburg VA
  • ATI Government Solutions LLC Frederick MD
  • AttainX Inc Blacksburg VA
  • AV3, Inc. Mechanicsville MD
  • AVOSYS Technology, Inc. San Antonio TX
  • AZ Cyber Security Solutions, Inc Ashburn VA
  • Azul Engineering LLC Chevy Chase MD
  • B&B Floor Services, LLC Washington DC
  • Beachtech Systems, LLC Bowie MD
  • Beat, LLC San Antonio TX
  • Bebak Technologies Inc. Austin TX
  • BeveND, LLC Riverdale GA
  • BI FACT LLC Chantilly VA
  • Blackwire Technologies, LLC Washington DC
  • Blue Nose IT Solutions, Inc. San Diego CA
  • Bluepath Labs LLC Washington DC
  • Blueprint Consulting Services, LLC Washington DC
  • Bold & Reliance Technology Services LLC Hampton GA
  • Bovian TTC, LLC Clinton MD
  • Broad Systems International, LLC Alexandria VA
  • Broadleaf, Inc Manassas VA
  • Business Development Associates, LLC Washington DC
  • Cape Fox Federal Integrators, LLC Manassas VA
  • Capital Group, LLC (The) Washington DC
  • Cayuse Technologies, LLC Pendleton OR
  • CeLeen, LLC Perryville MO
  • Centeio Associates Incorporated Alexandria VA
  • Centricity Technology Partners, Inc. Washington DC
  • CGM Solutions LLC Washington DC
  • Chags Health Information Technology LLC Columbia MD
  • 8(a) STARS III Initial Award Cohort List
  • Organization Name City State
  • Channel IT Services, LLC Chantilly VA
  • Cherokee Nation System Solutions, LLC Tulsa OK
  • Chickasaw Management Services, LLC Norman OK
  • Chickasaw Strategic Pointe, LLC Norman OK
  • Chiricahua-Logical JV Albuquerque NM
  • CL Solutions 2 LLC Herndon VA
  • Clark Baty Associates Washington DC
  • Cloud Nine Alliance LLC Arlington VA
  • Clvg Consulting, Inc. Falls Church VA
  • CMS-IFG JV, LLC Durham NC
  • Code 360 Inc. Leesburg VA
  • Concept Plus, LLC Fairfax VA
  • Conceras, LLC Fairfax VA
  • Concord Premier Consulting Inc. Sterling VA
  • CoreLogix Asclepius JV LLC Sterling VA
  • CPP Phacil Partners, LLC Yonkers NY
  • CSCI-T&R LLC Indianapolis IN
  • CSF Technologies Inc Orlando FL
  • CSP Solutions, LLC Raleigh NC
  • CSZNET, Inc. Washington DC
  • CTR Management Group LLC Fairfax VA
  • CWR Technologies, LLC Towson MD
  • CybeCys Inc Plano TX
  • Cyber Nolij LLC Ludowici GA
  • Cyber Security Innovations LLC Washington DC
  • Cybernamic LLC Boston MA
  • cyDaptiv Solutions Inc. Bethesda MD
  • D9Tech Resources LLC Virginia Beach VA
  • Davis Unlimited Information Technologies Inc Baltimore MD
  • DDC Construction Services, LLC Scottsdale AZ
  • Def-Logix, Inc. San Antonio TX
  • Defense Warriors Government Solutions Portsmouth VA
  • Denaze Defense Solutions JV, LLC Anchorage AK
  • Denint LLC Manassas VA
  • Digital Consultants, LLC Alexandria VA
  • Digital Strategy LLC Laurel MD
  • Dine Source, LLC Scottsdale AZ
  • DT Professional Services LLC Canoga Park CA
  • Dynamic Planning & Response LLC Honolulu HI
  • E&C Synergy JV LLC Washington DC
  • 8(a) STARS III Initial Award Cohort List
  • Organization Name City State
  • Eagle Integrated Services, LLC San Antonio TX
  • ECF DATA LLC Las Vegas NV
  • Echelon Partners, LLC Manassas VA
  • Edify Technologies, Inc. Naperville IL
  • Eifer Corp. Herndon VA
  • eSimplicity, Inc. Silver Spring MD
  • ESSNOVA Solutions, Inc. Birmingham AL
  • Estrella Y-Tech JV LLC. Dallas TX
  • Ethic Tech, LLC Huntsville AL
  • Everest Consulting Group Potomac MD
  • ExpediteInfoTech, Inc. Rockville MD
  • FED SOLUTIONS, LLC Upper Marlboro MD
  • FedGovIT, Inc. Orlando FL
  • FedraTech LLC Chantilly VA
  • Fedscale,inc Luray VA
  • FedWriters, Inc. Fairfax VA
  • Fidelity Decypher Services, LLC San Antonio TX
  • First Ray Consulting LLC Herndon VA
  • Fortidm Technologies LLC Plainsboro NJ
  • FreedomLink LLC Chantily VA
  • FTS II LLC Alexandria VA
  • FWD think, LLC Washington DC
  • FWG Solutions, Inc. Washington DC
  • Galapagos Federal Systems LLC Kihei HI
  • GBS Dakota IT, LLC Syracuse UT
  • GBTI Solutions, Inc. McLean VA
  • GC&E Federal, LLC Anchorage AK
  • GCubed Enterprises, Inc. Stafford VA
  • GemTech, LLC Stafford VA
  • GenTech Associates, Inc. Indianapolis IN
  • Ghostrock Systems Development, LLC Anchorage AK
  • GLiST LLC Arlington VA
  • Global Alliant Inc Columbia MD
  • Global Force USA Houston TX
  • Global Solutions Group, Inc. Oak Park MI
  • GlobalXperts Inc. Raleigh NC
  • GMG World Media, LLC Hyattsville MD
  • Goldbelt C6, LLC Chesapeake VA
  • Goldbelt Frontier, LLC Alexandria VA
  • Goldbelt Integrated Logistics Services, LLC Chesapeake VA
  • 8(a) STARS III Initial Award Cohort List
  • Organization Name City State
  • Golden IT LLC Olathe KS
  • Golden Tech Systems Inc. Charlotte NC
  • Government Tactical Solutions LLC Vienna VA
  • GPSITEK JV, LLC Hagatna GU
  • Gray Matters Technology Service, LLC Bowie MD
  • Grimmer S4 Consulting Services LLC Ellicott City MD
  • Halvik Corp Vienna VA
  • Hartwood-Armedia JV LLC Stafford VA
  • Ho’olaulima Government Solutions, LLC San Antonio TX
  • HORUS Technology Solutions, Inc. Bethesda MD
  • Hull Information Technology Solutions & Services, L.L.CL.lano TX
  • ibLaunch Company Quantico VA
  • IBox Global, LLC Atlanta GA
  • iCollaboration, Inc. Washington DC
  • ICP Systems LLC Atlanta GA
  • IDRIL Kompsys I JV LLC Alpharetta GA
  • II Corps Consultants, Inc. Fredericksburg VA
  • INA Solutions, Inc. Leesburg VA
  • INADEV Corporation McLean VA
  • Inalab Consulting, Inc Fairfax VA
  • Index Analytics LLC Baltimore MD
  • InfiniSource Consulting Solutions Inc Reston VA
  • Infinity Support Services, Inc Triangle VA
  • Info Gain Consulting LLC Mclean VA
  • Infoacro, LLC Gaithersburg MD
  • Infopact Inc. Ashburn VA
  • Infostellar Inc Reston VA
  • Innovative Source LLC Oxon Hill MD
  • INSIGHG LLC Houston TX
  • Intelliverse Solutions Group LLC Clover VA
  • INTER-OP.NET, Inc. Virginia Beach VA
  • Interactive Government Holdings, Inc. Springfield VA
  • International Global Solution, LLC Indianapolis IN
  • IOV Solutions, LLC Fairfax VA
  • Iron Cannon 2 LLC Herndon VA
  • 8(a) STARS III Initial Award Cohort List
  • Organization Name City State
  • IronAssent JV, LLC Chesapeake VA
  • ISYAK LLC Leesburg VA
  • IT Concepts, Inc. Vienna VA
  • IT Data Consulting L.L.C. Reston VA
  • ITellect Simon JV, LLC Washington DC
  • ITMS, Inc. Virginia Beach VA
  • ITS Group, Inc. Sterling VA
  • J6 Management Consulting LLC Smyrna GA
  • JASINT Consulting & Technologies, LLC Columbia MD
  • Jazz Solutions Inc. Ashburn VA
  • JCS Solutions LLC Fairfax VA
  • JCTM LLC Charlotte NC
  • Johnsons Consulting, LLC Mesa AZ
  • JRH Consultants LLC Washington DC
  • JSTP JV, LLC Alexandria VA
  • JTSNET, LLC Manassas VA
  • Justus Corporation Stafford VA
  • JYG Innovations LLC Dayton OH
  • Parks Consulting, Inc. Melbourne FL
  • Ka’ala System Technology Corporation Aiea HI
  • KaiHonua, LLC Kailua HI
  • Kambrian Corporation West Covina CA
  • Kapsuun Group, LLC Lorton VA
  • Katmai Management Services Anchorage AK
  • Kenite Cyber JV, LLC College Park GA
  • Key Innovative Technologies, LLC Dulles VA
  • Key Strategic Alliance, LLC Tampa FL
  • Kiliuda Consulting Anchorage AK
  • KMM Technologies, Inc. Rockville MD
  • Knowesis, Inc. San Antonio TX
  • Konark Software Solutions, LLC Virginia Beach VA
  • KP Soft, Inc. Luray VA
  • Kreative Corporation Chantily VA
  • Kreative Technologies, LLC Fairfax VA
  • KRJ Consulting LLC Columbia SC
  • Kupono Government Services, LLC Orlando FL
  • Lalaith Astor Technical Consulting House, LLC Reston VA
  • Lewis-Price & Associates Inc Mclean VA
  • Linkitall LLC Fredericksburg VA
  • Longeviti, LLC Sterling VA
  • Lord and Tucker Management Consultants, L.L.C. Huntingtown MD
  • Magadia Consulting, Inc. Silver Spring MD
  • 8(a) STARS III Initial Award Cohort List
  • Organization Name City State
  • Magnum Multimedia, Inc. Herndon VA
  • Mahani Technical Services LLC Duckwater NV
  • Mainstream IP Solutions, Inc. Odessa FL
  • Makpar Corporation Leesburg VA
  • MartinFederal Consulting, LLC Huntsville AL
  • Matlock and Associates, LLC Arlington VA
  • MAVEN GROUP LLC Arlington VA
  • MaxiSoft Corporation Arlington VA
  • Meridian Partners, LLC Miami Beach FL
  • MERPTech, LLC Herndon VA
  • Mettle Solutions, LLC Columbia MD
  • Mitchell Consulting Services Group Inc Oklahoma City OK
  • MK2 Techlologies LLC Phoenix AZ
  • MPF Federal, LLC Gaithersburg MD
  • MPIRE Technology Group, Inc. Falls Church VA
  • MSM Technology, LLC Quantico VA
  • MST JV, LLC Goodyear AZ
  • Muse Technologies, Inc. Lanham MD
  • Mutatio Inc. McLean VA
  • Myriddian LLC Columbia MD
  • Native American Industrial Solutions L.L.C. Pawleys Island SC
  • NC Technologies LLC Quantico VA
  • NeevSys Inc. Oakton VA
  • Nemean Solutions, LLC Sierra Vista AZ
  • NetCloud, LLC Cedar Park TX
  • Netlogic Solutions, Incorporated Chantilly VA
  • NetSecurity Corporation Dulles VA
  • Next Phase Solutions and Services, Inc. New Windsor MD
  • Nisga’a Tek, LLC Chantilly VA
  • Noetic Strategies, Inc. Huntsville AL
  • North Stone, LLC Scottsdale AZ
  • OLH Technical Services, LLC Anchorage AK
  • Oloop LLC Aurora IL
  • OM Group Inc. Piscataway NJ
  • OMNEX, LLC Raleigh NC
  • OMNI Technologies, LLC Aberdeen Proving GrounMdD
  • Optimal Solutions Inc. Chantilly VA
  • Optimum Software Solutions, Inc. Tallahassee FL
  • Oran Inc. Herndon VA
  • ORSA Technologies, LLC Scottsdale AZ
  • OTS, Inc. Raleigh NC
  • 8(a) STARS III Initial Award Cohort List
  • Organization Name City State
  • Oxen Designs LLC Laramie WY
  • Oxley Enterprises, Inc. Fredericksburg VA
  • Pathway Partners LLC Centerville VA
  • Peregrine Technical Solutions, LLC Yorktown VA
  • Platinum Business Services, LLC Laurel MD
  • Po’okela Solutions, LLC Orlando FL
  • Pono Aina Management LLC Midwest City OK
  • POWTEC Solutions, LLC Bremerton WA
  • Premier Enterprise Solutions, LLC Upper Marlboro MD
  • Principle Information Technology Company Houston TX
  • Productivity Solutions Corporation Fairfax Station VA
  • Professional Management Consulting Services, LLC Washington DC
  • Prosis Hawaii, LLC Honolulu HI
  • ProSource360 Consulting Services, Inc. Washington DC
  • Pueo Business Solutions LLC Fredericksburg VA
  • PuriCloud LLC Rigby ID
  • QED Enterprises Inc. Woodbridge VA
  • Quacito LLC San Antonio TX
  • Quality Solutions Alliance, LLC Smithfield NC
  • Radian Solutions, LLC Sacramento CA
  • Raye IT Consulting, LLC Garner NC
  • RightDirection Technology Solutions, LLC Baltimore MD
  • RIVA Solutions, Inc. McLean VA
  • Rolston Information Systems Assurance, LLC Odessa FL
  • RPS-JV, LLC Washington DC
  • RSI Solutions Inc. Katy TX
  • Rudram-Capgemini JV, LLC Rockledge FL
  • RWD Consulting, LLC Washington DC
  • S&K Mission Support, LLC Saint Ignatius MT
  • S2ALLIANCE INC. Ashburn VA
  • Sagacity Ventures LLC Alexandria VA
  • Sandoval Technology Solutions, LLC San Antonio TX
  • Satsyil Corp Herndon VA
  • Savi Solutions, Inc. Reston VA
  • Saxon Infotech Inc. Columbia MD
  • Serry Systems Inc. Falls Church VA
  • SFSG-Edgewater JV Susanville CA
  • SG Tech LLC Boulder CO
  • Shadowbox Consulting Associates, LLC Annandale VA
  • 8(a) STARS III Initial Award Cohort List
  • Organization Name City State
  • Shivan Technologies, Inc Leesburg VA
  • Shivoy Inc. Leesburg VA
  • SHR Consulting Group, LLC Alexandria VA
  • SIERTEK, Ltd Beavercreek OH
  • Sircomed Susanville CA
  • SJ Technologies, Inc. Sugar Hill GA
  • Skyward IT Solutions, LLC Gaithersburg MD
  • Softrams LLC Leesburg VA
  • Solutions71, LLC Dulles VA
  • Sona Networks LLC Baltimore MD
  • Sparksoft Corporation Catonsville MD
  • Spathe Systems LLC Tampa FL
  • Spatial Front Incorporated McLean VA
  • Sphere Defense Systems LLC Washington DC
  • SPN Solutions Tysons Corner VA
  • Squire’s Office Services, LLC Chesterfield VA
  • SRR International, Inc. Riviera Beach FL
  • Starfire Dynamics, Inc. Naples FL
  • Starland Technologies, LLC Sterling VA
  • Stealth Entry LLC Westerville OH
  • Stealth Solutions, INC Sterling VA
  • Stellar Innovations & Solutions Inc. Moraine OH
  • STEMBoard, LLC Arlington VA
  • Strategic Innovative Solutions, LLC Clearwater FL
  • STS Systems Support, LLC San Antonio TX
  • Sustainable Design Consortium, Inc. Baltimore MD
  • SV Synergies LLC Overland Park KS
  • Symposit LLC Alexandria VA
  • Synapse Business Systems Incoporated Fairfax VA
  • SynergisT JV, LLC McLean VA
  • TA Federal LLC Vienna VA
  • Taurean General Services, Incorporated Boerne TX
  • Technik Inc. Herdon VA
  • Technology Information Systems LLC Springfield VA
  • TechSentials, Inc. Clinton MD
  • TechSTARS JV, LLC Bethesda MD
  • TechV, LLC New Orleans LA
  • Techy Innovations LLC Ashburn VA
  • TENAX Technologies, LLC Belcamp MD
  • 8(a) STARS III Initial Award Cohort List
  • Organization Name City State
  • Tera Consulting Inc Levittown NY
  • THINK MODERN IT LLC Springfield VA
  • ThinkTek LLC Fairfax VA
  • Thirdpacket Technologies, LLC Nottingham MD
  • TIME Systems LLC Dumfries VA
  • TM3 Solutions, Inc. Alexandria VA
  • Toklo Technologies San Antonio TX
  • Total Solutions Group LLC Raleigh NC
  • Totally Joined For Achieving Collaborative
  • Techniques (TJFACT), LLC Atlanta GA
  • Transcend IT LLC Trenton NJ
  • Trewon Technologies LLC Stafford VA
  • Trigent Solutions Inc. Chantilly VA
  • Trilogy Secured Services, L.L.C. Stafford VA
  • TriplePoint DSG Joint Venture LLC Leesburg VA
  • TriStars Solutions Dublin OH
  • Truth Technology, Inc. Bowie MD
  • TSS-DRT Joint Venture Limited Liability Corporation Anchorage AK
  • Tundra Federal, LLC Herdon VA
  • Tuvli, LLC Herndon VA
  • Tyrula, LLC McLean VA
  • United One Communications, LLC. Tampa FL
  • Universal Wisdom Solutions LLC Vine Grove KY
  • V6 Networks Solutions LLC Rockville MD
  • Valley IT Solutions LLC Fargo ND
  • ValorTek, LLC Arlington VA
  • Vangarde LLC Clearfield UT
  • Venesco, LLC Chantilly VA
  • Ventech/Snap Joint Venture LLC Manassas VA
  • Versa Integrated Solutions, Inc. Calverton MD
  • Vetshare Services, LLC Jackson MS
  • Vexterra Group, LLC Reston VA
  • Visionary Engineering & Services, LLP Huntsville AL
  • Vista Defense Technologies, LLC Rock Island IL
  • VNuIT LLC Bonsall CA
  • Western Door Federal, LLC Fredericksburg VA
  • Wintrio LLC Leesburg VA
  • Wits Solutions Inc. Ashburn VA
  • World Informatix Cyber Security Inc. Port St Lucie FL
  • X Corp Solutions Inc. Stafford VA
  • Xenith Group LLC McLean VA
  • XFINION Inc. Bethesda MD
  • 8(a) STARS III Initial Award Cohort List
  • Organization Name City State
  • XOR Security LLC Falls Church VA
  • z SofTech Solutions, INC. Washington DC
  • Zee Solutions, Corp. Alexandria VA
  • ZemiTek, LLC Bethesda MD
  • Zenith Advanced Solutions Warner Robins GA
  • ZS Solutions JV LLC Stafford VA
  • Zulix LLC McLean VA

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